The Fanciest Vegan Meal in Seattle

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Canlis - 03


It is no secret that Canlis is Seattle’s best fine dining restaurant. What may surprise you is how accommodating they can be towards vegans with just a little bit of notice. My wife and I recently celebrated 12 years of marriage and decided Canlis would be an excellent spot to mark the occasion. Thanks to Anika over at Vegan Score for the hot tip, we made a reservation for the private Cache Room and mentioned we would be having the vegetarian tasting menu vegan style. They were more than happy to accommodate us!

Canlis - 20The tasting menu was very promising looking, with tons of fresh sounding items on it. As soon as we got there we were seated in our private room and offered a drink while enjoying the amazing view of Lake Union. As the courses started arriving, we were impressed how the menu’s intent was left intact even though all traces of dairy were removed. We had our favorites, of course (corn soup and the beet plate), but every single course was amazing and made the evening truly special. I would also be remiss to forget to mention how great our waiter Matthew was. Truly a professional; he made some great suggestions for us and even made sure we got to see the moon rise over Capitol Hill through the upstairs telescope.

I took this photo through the viewfinder of the telescope!
Canlis - 14

I’ll let the photos of the plates speak for themselves:

The Cache Room, private dining with a view!
Canlis - 19

The view
Canlis - 01
Canlis - 02

Truffle Fries and Olives!
Canlis - 06
Canlis - 09

Soup Course
Canlis - 07

Beets Course
Canlis - 08

Carrot Course
Canlis - 10
Canlis - 11

Asparagus Course
Canlis - 12

Main Course (the Raviolo on the menu couldn’t be made vegan, so instead the chef prepared this grilled cauliflower steak with mushrooms for us)
Canlis - 13

Strawberries Course
Canlis - 16

Dessert Course (Knowing it was our anniversary, they substituted the tarte tatin for this fresh fruit plate with a candle. A very nice end of the meal)
Canlis - 17
Canlis - 18