What the what?


Oh, well hello there. Welcome to my blog/photos/mess of a site. You may have arrived here via a couple of different domains. My long-time primary site has been Slightlynorth.com; hosted by Tumblr for the last few years. It started as an e/n site back in 1998. That was before we had powerful self publishing tools and CMS applications. The few of us with sites like this were all hand coding everything on the site, including the posts themselves (uphill in the snow both ways). I remember the time that I would have to put in my own <BR> tags just to start a new paragraph. <BR>


So anyway, don’t have to do that anymore. In fact, things are amazingly easier now. One can point their domain to a new location, setup WordPress with a nice looking design, and import all previous posts from the previous location in less than 2 hours. And the domain DNS isn’t even the longest part of that process anymore.


I guess I got the itch to get this thing started up again after working with Chris on his podcast site (Life is a Party!!) this week. I made me remember how much I love blogging/writing and sharing photos. I figure since I have a couple of domains now, a cheap host, and the ability to do it, I might as well not waste the opportunity. With that, I have removed Slightlynorth.com from Tumblr, imported all of my posts from there to here (and they look like crap, but whatever), pointed the domain to here, and will be combining it all under the flag of Static in the Sound. I love the site name, and this all fits into the original purpose of the site; Seattle, music, food, etc.


I’m super excited to get this going again!