Punk Rock Bowling 2014

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Punk Rock Bowling is a gauntlet of pain.

There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I love going, but it seriously kicks my ass every year. This year seemed even harder to get through because of the heat. I think previous years had been in the 70s and 80s for the Memorial Day weekend festival in Vegas, but this year we saw 90s and 100+ degree weather all 4 days. After a couple of drinks I suppose you don’t feel the heat anymore though.

I’m getting ahead of myself. This was my third year attending the punk rock music and bowling festival over the memorial Day weekend in Vegas. It was also my second year bowling with my friends Chris and Allison and Allison’s dad, Willy. Erin, as always, was there to drink beer and root us on.

282986_10152422556587801_4209218401212105440_nWe got into town on Friday afternoon, got our rental car, and headed into downtown Vegas. The Golden Nugget would be our base for the next 4 days, and the official hotel of the festival. After checking in and dropping off stuff in the room, we decided we needed a drink and headed out to find Chris and Allison. The party had officially started!

After a few drinks and some food, we headed over to The Plaza to catch the comedy show featuring Kyle Kinane. We ended up meeting up and sitting with Jackson and the rest of Masked Intruder, and laughed our asses off for a few hours. After that we headed over to the Country Saloon to catch a bit of CJ Ramone., and then over to the Beauty Bar for Off With Their Heads. A successful first day in Vegas under our belts, we decided to call it a night and head to our room. The first round of bowling was early the next day!

We were scheduled to bowl at noon, so we all met at around 10am so we could go get some of the best donuts ever at Ronald’s Donuts in the Asian area of town. They are accidentally vegan and amazing. With a dozen donuts and some donut holes in hand, we drove out to the Suncoast Hotel and Casino. We got to the lanes and ordered some drinks and prepared to bowl. Officer Bradford joined us for the entire time, which was really cool of him considering we are dorks and named the team after the Officer Bradford Picked Me Up blog. We all had fun and bowled as well as we could. My first game kind of sucked, but I got it together and bowled above average for games two and three.


20140524-DSCF3518With the bowling done, we all headed back to the Golden Nugget to hang out and find some food and drinks. Those drinks included the dreaded (or celebrated, depending on who you ask) footballs of blended drinks with way more alcohol than anyone should probably consume in one afternoon. I drank a bit of mine and quickly shoveled it off to a new friend who was interested in it.

Oh yeah, I saw All last weekend.Everyone got a little drunk and we decided a nap would be good before the club show that night. So Erin and I headed to our room and slept for about 3 hours. Upon waking, I learned that we had made it to the bowling playoffs! Out of 250 teams, we were placed #52, which was good enough to make it. With good news in hand, we headed over to the Fremont Country Club for The Breifs and ALL. It was a great show, but by the end we were all pretty tired. And besides, we had to bowl again the next morning!

The bowling playoffs started at 11:30 at Sam’s Town, so we met a bit earlier this time. However, we didn’t go get donuts. Erin and I were starving, but there wasn’t much we could eat at Sam’s Town. We settled for Subway veggie subs, but they were filling and packed with vegetables.

I was stoked that we were scheduled to bowl against a team I have known for all three years I have attended PRB; Los Valientes. Bowling against a team that you are friends with is great! It makes it easier to lose if you know and respect them. Which is what happened, unfortunately. We all bowled great, I was even about 30 pins above my average, but they were a bit better and knocked us out of the tournament.


We had plans to try and catch some of Masked Intruder at the festival mainstage and wanted some lunch too, so we didn’t stick around to watch any of the rest of the playoffs. 20140525-DSCF3525Back at Fremont Street, we went over to a place called Nacho Daddy for some food. It took way longer than we thought and it was clear we were not going to make Masked Intruded. That was fine anyway, since it was really really hot and we didn’t want to be stuck at the mainstage for the entire rest of the day.

We wandered around a bit, but got bored and headed for a quick nap again. I also learned that the secret show that night was Cock Sparrer, so I sold those tickets to some fans. It was now time to head over to the mainstage for The Adicts, Face To Face, and The Descendents! Once we got there, we hooked up with Officer Bradford and a few other friends. The show was really great, and we were all singing along with Face To Face and The Descendents.


With no club show to go to that evening, we wandered around with drinks and got some food. Finally ending the night at a casino where I won a little bit of money.

We had reserved a day bed at the Golden Nugget’s pool and were planning on spending most of the day there. But we were really hungry and wanted something other than the food available on Fremont Street. Erin found a place over in the Asian area, serving mostly vegan food. It was a great Chinese restaurant. We ate so well!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith full bellies and feeling a lot better, we went back to the Golden Nugget to get ready for the pool. I think we got the last available bed, so it was in the direct sun for most of the day, but it was still really nice to just relax with friends and some drinks. Erin ordered this huge blue drink in a shark cup, and we downed a couple of buckets of beers. The pool was nice and I went down the slide once, but there were some problems with drunk people getting broken glass into the pool that got it shut down early. Oh well, it was still nice at the pool!


As the sun was going down, we headed back to the mainstage to catch Against Me! and some of NOFX. Against Me was amazing as usual and NOFX was about the same as they usually are. Erin and I decided to call it quits without going to the Punk Rock Karaoke club show. It was just too late and we were way too tired. I think after 4 days in Vegas, we were just done. We went and got some pizza and then headed back to the hotel room to sleep.


The next morning we left Vegas and PRB2014. It was a good time and I look forward to next year when Erin gets to bowl on the team (replacing Willy).