Punk Rock Bowling 2014

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Punk Rock Bowling is a gauntlet of pain.

There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I love going, but it seriously kicks my ass every year. This year seemed even harder to get through because of the heat. I think previous years had been in the 70s and 80s for the Memorial Day weekend festival in Vegas, but this year we saw 90s and 100+ degree weather all 4 days. After a couple of drinks I suppose you don’t feel the heat anymore though.

I’m getting ahead of myself. This was my third year attending the punk rock music and bowling festival over the memorial Day weekend in Vegas. It was also my second year bowling with my friends Chris and Allison and Allison’s dad, Willy. Erin, as always, was there to drink beer and root us on.
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The Jilly Rizzo at the Sunset Tavern [Photo Gallery]

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The Jilly Rizzo - 01 - 01

The Jilly Rizzo played the Sunset Tavern last weekend. A show as fun as it is loud, they never disappoint. The songs are well performed and witty as all get out. You might remember front man Dick Rossetti from his time as a DJ at 107.7 The End.

They play tonight in Tacoma at The New Frontier with The Dignitaries and Trees&Timber.

Here are a bunch of photos from the show:

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Bob Mould & The Thermals at Showbox at the Market

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Bob Mould -_

Last night Showbox at the Market was host to Bob Mould and The Thermals.

Portland Oregon’s The Thermals opened the night to a sparse crowd, but by the end of their 45 minute set the floor had filled up significantly and everyone was pretty into their indie post-punk sound. However, it was clear the majority of people were there to see the headliner.

Bob Mould treated the significant crowd to an energetic hour and a half long set. The first part of the set consisted of the 1992 album Copper Blue in it’s entirety. From the first note of “The Act We Act,” the crowd was right there, cheering, clapping and singing along. There was even some moshing. Bob and band played the entire album without stopping for much more than a sip of water here and there. The second part of the set was a mix of new material from “Silver Age” as well as old solo and Husker Du material. As Bob said after wrapping up the Copper Blue set; “we’ve got a lot of material to cover” and they did a pretty good job of covering Bob’s entire musical career. Bob didn’t chat much during the night, but he did make sure to mention to vote “yes” on Ref 74.

The night ended with an encore of two Husker Du songs: “Celebrated Summer” and “Makes No Sense At All.” Once the last note had faded, everyone walked off stage and left just Bob standing there. He calmly walked to the apex of the rounded Showbox stage, took in the crowd’s vigorous cheering, clapping, and smile before he gave a simple smile and a thumbs up and left the stage.

If you are a fan of Bob Mould or The Thermals, chances are you made sure you didn’t miss this show. But if you did, we have you covered with plenty of pictures after the jump.

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Chixdiggit / Old Wives / Smokejumper / Sweet Pups @ The Funhouse [Photo Gallery]

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Chixdiggit - 10

Calgary’s finest pop-punk band Chixdiggit played the other night at The Funhouse along with Old Wives, Smokejumper, and Sweet Pups. It was a really fun night of music and hanging out with friends. The only bummer was the thought of the looming closure of The Funhouse at the end of October. That didn’t keep us down though! Check out a ton of photos after the jump!

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