The Fanciest Vegan Meal in Seattle

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Canlis - 03


It is no secret that Canlis is Seattle’s best fine dining restaurant. What may surprise you is how accommodating they can be towards vegans with just a little bit of notice. My wife and I recently celebrated 12 years of marriage and decided Canlis would be an excellent spot to mark the occasion. Thanks to Anika over at Vegan Score for the hot tip, we made a reservation for the private Cache Room and mentioned we would be having the vegetarian tasting menu vegan style. They were more than happy to accommodate us!
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Sushi Detox at Billy Beach in Ballard

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Mmmm Sushi!

I don’t remember now how exactly it got started, but a group of friends of mine and I started this a year or so ago. We called it “Sushi Detox” after a few of us were traveling and eating too many meals of easy-to-find-but-full-of-oil-and-salt foods. Somehow we decided that sushi would be the perfect way to get together for a Welcome Back Home meal that wasn’t deep fried. Continue reading…